7 Signs You Should Breakup With Your Jeans

Honey, you have a beautiful booty and the legs of a goddess. Don’t distract from those things by wearing jeans that just aren’t right for you. It’s ok. You’ll find newer, better jeans. Jeans that hug your body in all the right places, but still give you the space you need. If your jeans aren’t showing your shape enough love or they’re being a bit too clingy, it’s time to breakup and move on to the denim you deserve.

1. You can take them off without unbuttoning them.


You shouldn’t be able to take your jeans off without unbuttoning or unzipping them. If this is the case, your jeans are probably too big. Having a little space in your body + jeans relationship can be good, but not that much space.

2. You can hardly take them off even after unbuttoning and unzipping them.


If you have to peel your jeans off your legs like one of those peel-off face masks, it’s time to level up. Not to mention the issue of ye ol’ muffin top. I know it may feel crappy to size up, but remember, it’s not you. It’s the jeans. You’re a woman. You have glorious curves and hips and some jeans just can’t hang. Drop your clingy, peel-off jeans and move on to a pair that can appreciate your shape.

3. They’re all about your thighs, but show the booty no love.


This was my biggest problem back in high school. My body was changing and although my legs were filling out right on schedule, my booty was a little… behind. As a woman, this has become a little less of a problem, but not everyone has yet escaped the problem of poor thigh to booty ratio. Your jeans should love every part of your body. As should you.

4. They tend to stray away from the vajayjay.


The dreaded saggy crotch. Your jeans should not run away from your vagina, nor should they be so close to it that you’re getting creases on and around your crotch. Your sexy parts need room to breathe, but they should also be clothed with discretion.

5. They make your knees look ridiculous.


Either they’re being squeezed too hard and look like shrink wrapped hamburger meat, or the jeans are so saggy they look like a ripply pond on a rainy day. Your knees shouldn’t feel like they’re becoming one with the fabric, but they also shouldn’t be neglected by your denim. Your jeans and you knees should be like you and your best friend that everyone thinks you’re dating. Close, but not that close.

6. You’re constantly moving and adjusting.


You stand up and have to do the wiggle dance to get your pants in the proper place. You sit down and you have to do the “pop-up-out-of-you-chair-for-a-second” move to push the fabric on your legs down so you don’t get red marks on your thighs. You have to grab the seams and shift them because your jeans keep twisting around your leg. Babe, it’s time you let this pair go. You two just aren’t right for each other.

7. They don’t show you how stunning you are.

Find yourself a collection of jeans that fit your body. Not the body someone else thinks you should have.

If you’re jeans make you think “I need to gain/lose some weight.” it’s time to let them go. If they make you feel uncomfortable, awkward, or embarrassed, toss them. Your jeans should make you feel confident and sexy. They should accentuate your stunning shape and make you feel proud of the body you have, whether you’re skinny, curvy, or somewhere in between. Your jeans should love your body and, baby, so should you.


What style jeans do you feel fit you best? Skinny, flair, or bootcut? Let us know in the comments below!

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