Making Peace With Past Mistakes

Something I’ve often struggled with is forgiveness. I have no qualms about forgiving my family, friends, and those that have scorned me; but it is the forgiveness I owe myself for my past mistakes that often keeps me from living the emotionally free life I strive for.

The fact is, no matter how big or small, we all make mistakes. Whether it’s taking a wrong turn, oversleeping, or dating a person that wasn’t right for us, we’ve all done it. I have, your neighbor has, and so has the person you admire most in this world. But I’m here to tell you that, although mistakes are viewed in a negative light, they are a vital part of achieving your goals and building a beautiful, worthwhile life. They are necessary learning experiences that mold and shape you into the person you are meant to be.

Today, I urge you to forgive yourself for the mistakes you’ve made. As amazing and powerful as you are, you are still human and deserve to be forgiven. Especially if the one that needs to forgive you is yourself.

Go forward from here and know that all the mistakes you’ve made are what are making you into the stunning woman you are meant to be. The woman that knows her worth, is tackling life with fiery courage, and isn’t afraid to mess up sometimes. Besides, from my personal experience, a messy life is a beautiful life.

Have a wonderful week, love. xx

471df814ebd4997d1c61968342da299c_painted-heart-red-painted-heart-outline-clipart_800-600.png Kristy Lynn



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