Your Dream Wardrobe: 5 Versatile Pieces To Stretch Your Wardrobe Selection

So, you’ve got your basic tees, jeans that flatter your shape, and a killer leather jacket… but what now? The basics can only stretch so far on their own, right?

Now before you freak out and start stressing over how you’re going to make your Bon Jovi band tee look fresh and new after wearing it seventeen times already, take a deep breath and step away from the donation bin. You don’t need to toss it. You don’t need to store it away for a while. You don’t need to adopt “Livin’ On A Prayer” as your style journey theme song. All you need to do is read on and learn about these 5 versatile pieces that will give new life to that Bon Jovi shirt, distressed pair of skinny jeans, or your favorite leather jacket.

1. Striped Shirt
My black and white striped shirt is a staple in my wardrobe. The versatility of a fitted, striped tee is unreal. You can pair it with your skinny jeans and converse for your trip to the park with bae. Toss it on top with a maxi skirt on those days you’re feeling a bit more ~flowy~. Throw a black blazer, chambray top, or leather jacket over top of it for an edgier look. Whatever your style, whether it’s girly or more on the edgy side, a striped shirt is a must have if you’re looking to stretch your wardrobe selection.


2. Neutral Colored Cardigan
If you’re looking to build a simple, minimalistic wardrobe, a neutral colored cardigan is a necessity. Black, gray, and beige cardigans can be paired with just about anything. Put them over your favorite fitted tee or band tee for your long day of classes. Pair them with a classy blouse or button up shirt for your time in the office. Cardigans are basically the superhero of your closet. They’re comfortable, warm, and a versatile piece you’re going to want on hand.


3. Flannels
Flannels are my favorite thing on this list. They’re the reason I have one too many piece in my closet. These multicolored wardrobe superheroes can be cute, edgy, or even professional if worn correctly. Wear them over a tank or tee or, my personal favorite, tie them around your waist. This continuing 90s trend is a street style regular. You don’t even have to drop lots of cash on one. Stop by your local thrift stores! (Don’t be afraid to explore the men’s section of any given store to find awesome flannels, or anything for that matter. You’d be surprised what you can find over there! Not to mention, sometimes men’s clothes run a little cheaper than women’s).

Selena Gomez Leaving A Dance Studio

4. Black Blazer
Black blazers are so amazing. Band tees, blouses, and button ups look absolutely fire paired with these bad boys. They can be cropped or they can elongate your torso. They can be wide open or button up. They’re versatile, sharp, and stunning.


5. LBD… or just a go-to dress that you really love.
Ah yes, how could I not toss in the little black dress. Honestly, I almost didn’t because I remember starting my style journey and reading the letters “LBD” so many times I refused to buy one for quite some time (darn my rebel spirit). But even when I did buy a black dress, it wasn’t little and it isn’t all black.

celebrity-style-2014-06-celeb-lbd-13 451186662

The beauty of style is that it’s so personal and individualistic that you don’t have to stick to the trends if you don’t want to. So, truthfully I added this to the list in order to go on this mini rant and say: Your staple dress doesn’t have to be little or black.

You do you, boo boo.


What would you add to this list? Let us know in the comment section below!

Check back in with us next week for more on building your dream wardrobe.


Break free. Embrace the edge. A&O.

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